Hi, I'm Rachel.

I love finding patterns in large datasets and enjoy helping others do the same.

I am currently the Director of Data Science for Fidelity National Financial, where I am helping to build a culture of data-driven insight and innovation.

An abbreviated timeline...

2001 I got my start as an operations processor in the unclaimed property department at Wells Fargo Bank, where I learned business process, database, and in-house software design from the ground up.
2005 From there, I took my skills as a business analyst to the next level at Fidelity National Financial, where I focused primarily on large software integrations spanning operations, accounting, and reporting systems.
2012 I left the corporate world to pursue a PhD in mathematics, which I earned in May 2017 from Rutgers University. My work focused on topological methods for high-dimensional data analysis with a specialization in persistent homology.
2017 Following my graduate studies, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, where my research was funded by DARPA's MoDyL program.
2018 Rejoined the Fidelity National Financial family as their Director of Data Science.

As always: looking forward to the next big adventure!